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Social innovation seeks alternatives to solve social problems in order to promote beneficial changes to a collective. It is expanded by means of collaborative processes, with the involvement of players from several sectors connected in networks, in the search for solutions to social demands. This collaborative network consists of several elements that interact in a systemic way. In this sense, this study aimed to carry out a systematic literature review, about the elements that constitute the collaborative network for social innovation. Based on the documents analyzed, it was concluded that the elements that constitute the collaborative networks for social innovation are: network of players, collaboration, commitment, trust, partnerships, leadership, empowerment, social incubators and communities of social innovations, in addition to knowledge sharing and transfer. It should be noted the possibility of future studies in this area, especially empirical studies, evidencing the existing relationship between these elements.

EURAM 2019 – 26-28 June Lisboa, Portugal

Download –Márcia Aparecida Prim; Gertrudes Aparecida Dandolini; Solange silva

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